Thursday, June 17, 2010

cowboy hat and boots - now in georgetown !

now living in a pea patch in georgetown.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SODO - a neglected RV- well more then neglected...

oh you sexy piece of modern machinery , how could they leave you here all deflated and dissected?
you wont be going anywhere soon, when they do take you somewhere i dont think you'll be leaving again...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

another hdr attempt "the tomb"

so some of these a bit wheeee out of focus, low light, lack of tripod and slightly gimpy hand are a handful (ha ha)  of excuse i have for this if for nothing else i include them as a general contribution to the ambiance; slightly hazy, slightly stealth and a little bonus gimp thrown in.
the article from the stranger which i had skimmed before seeing the actual building and then re-read after:
the stranger
pardon my obsession with the chair images but when  one finds a solitary chair in a room with moss and grass and trees growing beneath well one become obsessed. today i am very glad that i have been allowed to follow my bliss in photography... as in i may not have a job but i have had opportunity to let my soul shine through in images rather then wrapping them round someone else's concepts etc..
this is my thankfulness routine i am trying to use to better my opinion of myself.... because at the end of the day i admit i do suffer what one might consider an "artistic temperament"
thank you explorer friends for inviting me in with you- i really appreciate it! may we meet again in future explorations!
and i am proud.

Monday, June 14, 2010

the tomb - attempt to create HDRs....from the wrong type of images

so i was inside a building having crawled under a fence in trademark skirt and knee socks. digital slr and less gimpy but still not quite fully functional hand.  i went in with others who had come along and offered the invitation in with them.
yes , of course if i hadn't i would have kicked myself repeatedly til black and blue most likely as i tend to be excessive in such situations. so i shoot wrong... not in proper format to attempt hdrs- but i have and well here is that attempt...