Monday, August 19, 2013

Bethesda Inn, Scablands Motel , CLOSED.

As much as I love the forests of the west of the state I equally love the rocks of the east of the state.
And the way there are vast expanses of space that doesn't include human waste. Pure Rock.
This is an ex motel set on Soap lake - I wish it was open as It has fantastic views and looks like it has potential to be a really fantastic space.
I would love to fix it up and make it into some sort of arts complex, with residencies and studios ...
Anyways typical of abandoned buildings there's a mattress escaping 
as if been chased out of it's home.
There is also the lone chair - another favorite to come across - the chair that didn't make it out with the others, what was it doing?
I guess it was busy holding a basket of plastic cups.