Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cape Disappointment Battery, Washington

Approaching the first building as we head up to battery

windows in earth

my munchkin somewhat less enamored then i

The roof inside the first building

views of the dirt hill behind and i guess coming into the building

Cape Disappointment on a rainy day. Frogs living in the base of a former gun turret amongst rusting gears. life s mossy and gray , the ocean somewhat in and beyond the fog. marshy land surrounding the hill with it's inner fort sunken into it, underneath it , entrenched in it. it's hard to say how much of this land mass has underlying concrete construction, signs of foundations succumbed to the greeness of nature are like an ancient grave site. is that why i like ruins and graveyards- both sunken into the earth neither at the foregrounds of our thoughts or lives. This location disappointed lewis and Clark for they were sick of eating pounded dried fish. their tummies ached and they had diarrhea. Hunting was unsuccessful.  unimpressed with the Columbia's meeting of the pacific.
the approach to the first entrance to battery

one of the three exits we could access from within battery