Wednesday, July 31, 2013

English Camp, San Juan Island, Wa

 just the beginnings ...more to come soon

Hotel De Haro, Roche Harbor , San Juan Island, Wa

Shed, Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, Wa

Devices next to old Lymn Kiln , Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, Wa

 Just down in the parking lot there is all this lot.
ex Lime Kilns and bits of machinery from them. It was right next to the rubbish. and on the end of the parking lot.

Church, Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, Wa

After spending a fantastic couple of hours whale watching at Lime Kiln State Park (see the J-pod here.) we traveled north towards Roche Harbor. I would come back and stay at this end next time to avoid ferry business in Friday Harbor.
It was a weird little town in the best ways. My mother thought it was like the town in "The Truman show" and Tim and Talula were reminded of The Village from "The Prisoner."
We pretty much walked all over this town. visiting the AfterGlow Vista and Sculpture Park. And what happened after all this? well we watched about thirty bald eagles feed on the side of a road.
I never in my life imagined I would see that many Bald eagles - unfortunately we didn't get photos of the last bit as lens and light weren't on our side but to experience it without the camera was magnificent. many ohhs and ahhs to be had by all.