Sunday, July 24, 2016

Greenwood Boats....moving on

this boat in ruins. well not really - these boats seem fit and ready for the sea.
some of the last glimpses of our home for 8 years- Greenwood , Seattle.
when we moved here it was pretty quiet. we would go for walks in the hood and see no one. often times I felt like I might be in a world similar to that of the T.V show the prisoner.
eventually the noise and people came as south of us filled up with folks and more town homes replaced single family homes and super compact apartments  (no ipodments yet but there are these super expensive 400- 600 sq footers that popped up.)
things changed pretty fast and we wanted to move to find the quiet once again.....

Manchester State Park , Manchester, Wa

 just a few intitial reconansence photos of the former fort activity in Manchester State Park.
just having moved here in Mid March I have so much yet to discover about my new home.
I had no idea I had a bit of fort acitiy in the local state park. Was so excited to find this!!!

these are all iphone pics and will be back soon with a real camera.

Friday, July 22, 2016

changing face of fremont, seattle ....continued

 here's another one- I could have spent ages just documenting the loss of single family homes in this area- unfortunately for me I am too sensitive and were I to focus on this loss I would eventually succumb to many tears. Birth of the new highly compacted.
Seattle was my breath of fresh air when I arrived- ten years in London and four in San Francisco had overloaded me - moving here was amazing the space the green.
as Seattle grew and people packed into even my less popular area up in north seattle - it was suddenly not so fresh.
I left because I'd had enough growth and bigger , biggest, cramped, beyond cramped, quashed.
I will always love you Seattle but I think I a done with cities.

the changing face of fremont, seattle

The changing face of Fremont, Seattle.
My parents moved to Seattle in 1997 from Buffalo New York.
At that point Seattle became my second "Home" where I went on holidays when others went home.
Since that point I watched Seattle Grow - visiting yearly, training to be a yoga instructor here and eventually settling here with my little family in 2007.
Fremont was a very very diffrent neighborhood from the hip and happening bar scene you now see before you.
in the 90's it had industry, warehouses, lots of shops featuring local artist and craftspeople. Today the small houses you see above are disappearing fast the closer into Fremont proper you are.
This one will be destroyed very soon, if it hasn't already.
Make way for the huge townhomes compressed together, staring at one another, trying to get just that bit higher then the one built two months prior.
I photographed it before moving out to the kitsap Penensula where the pursuit of hipness does not feel so strong, Hallejuallah.