Monday, June 27, 2011

less gaudy hdr redo of for sale building - the pink made me sick

gaudy .
now i will redo them not to be peptobismal pink.
it's just sometimes after you travel back from a vacation you get over excited to play with images and your dog tired from a three hour drive and you need to eat...
anyways you see where i am going...
i may have alot of redos as i have so many times practiced HDR-ing whilst under the influence of complete exhaustion- ones eyes need bright to make things out for tired eyes...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

cougar mountain

it reminds me of where they beheaded people...

the concrete platforms where once an antenna tower was mounted
concrete blanketed in moss

so today we hiked a variety of trails at cougar mt wilderness area .
it is not only a great place for exploration but has a cold war history as a former home to Nike Missiles.
a great walk in the woods some real ass burning hills and then to try and make little concrete pads look interesting in a photograph?

see wiki for detailed info.
also check out
Issaquah history
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Monday, June 20, 2011

University district dereliction- 14th ave ne and 65th st

driving back from Sandpoint to home. i have noticed this city block before - everything gone , all caged in aside from the produce vendor on 65th.

 I circumnavigated the block - fence got in the way and added ambiance at the same time.