Sunday, June 19, 2011

Magnuson Park assorted buildings

once again amazed at the array of buildings here in this former naval station present day Magnuson park.

history link
tree inhibiting awning from opening
walking down the length of buildings containing the former crow's nest inn i was in fact stalked perhaps chased by a crow who squaked and followed and if  i approached the building itself he would dive bomb me.
i have never felt that followed and watched by a bird.
my intention merely to explore the outside of the building with my camera. was he warning me of the asbestos? or was her/ his nest close and he/ she was just being a tad over protective.

the crow who chased me/ us up and down- he didn't like being photographed either.

a former air hanger ? which was most recently an indoor beach volleyball venue. now filled with toss and left behind again.