Sunday, January 31, 2010

the northern state hospital, sedro woolley, wa


oh my gosh , my favorite spot this year , even last year and possibly the one before.
two hours of photographing and recording for both artistic as well as documentarian reasons. it was like christmas for me and my cameras. digital and some film black and white (about 300 images of the former and 72 of the later- a successful day of sensory input.)
now to get to see the rest of it, we walked the easy to access recreation area that houses the old farm and now a frisbee golf range ( as does space next to the steilacoom hospital- mental homes and frisbee golf?)
some of the above are hdr images , some are not.
hopefully we will be able to join a tour of the main campus in spring, hoping to use some positive film and a holga and of course the digital for ease of use. there are alot of ghost stories surrounding this place, it is on a list of america's most haunted places, so a side interest becomes intertwined with it all. it's nice when it all comes together at least if just for a moment or withen that moment an eternity?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

abandoned pig farm, walsham le willows, suffolk, uk

we visited this x pig farm twice.
i called the project:
PIGS IN ZEN (after the janes addiction song from the wayback.)
there were no keep away signs or anything telling us not to be there - in which situation the ex art student uses that ex art student status should questions be asked.
we actually met the owner on our second trip-
and got his contact details (and promptly lost them) we wanted to send him some prints of the place before it was torn down and turned into suburban style multi family housing space.
probably has at this point as these were from back in 2003.
maybe he will see the images of the pig farm here- and if he does i do apologize profusely for not sending them to you directly. please make contact!