Tuesday, January 26, 2010

st marys church rooms, stoke newington, london, n16

the surroundings

a fresh scan of the 110 neg on my film scanner (dimage scan elite 5400) it wasn't too hard to convince the tiny negative to stay put in the huge space a 35 mm negative occupies (i say this in jest of course.) a little better resolution but i think i like the below image more, despite it's faults or rather because of?
i used to live a couple blocks from here, never went into it though, just past it many times.
this photo was taken with a 110 camera , remember those? tiny negatives, tiny prints cartridge films? so when i printed them in a colour dark room i blew them the hell up - this is about 8x10 . the year was probably 1999 or early 2000 before we moved north for more space in tottenham. from browsing some flicker photos i have gathered they have rebuilt the church and use it for a community centre. so a far cry from this skeleton.
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