Monday, January 11, 2010

a new outlet an old interest

well here we go...
i am finally compartmentalizing ideas and thoughts and interests - in a documentary fashion to influence the mental fashion to make things well clearer.
mumbo jumbo jibble jabble.
so here we are or here i am and i wanted to get plucking on my own documentation and supposing of things abandoned and things ruined in well for now America and eventually in the vaster space of the world.
let me begin with a brief explanation in the plainest of speak before i try to confuse and turn around with twisting words and visions.


when i was eight i went to England for the first time. it was an amazing life altering experience for me- and influenced further UK landings later in life which both held me there in my adopted home land (or more heart land) for most of my twenties and i am sure i will be back , family in toe to spend another decade of life in the place that i find magical mystical and inspiring for its history and depth of evidence of human life and human interactions with the world and in result the beauty of the history of the actions of humans being absorbed back in what one would see as the natural. the persistence of the remnants and the human lifestyle shadow left here on earth to show the future to be absorbed by what came before and what will always come after.
now i began in America in buffalo to be precise a city with old money and wealth represented in architecture of the industrial revolution when it was a thumping metropolis. this aspect of buffalo was not the buffalo i grew up knowing.
the buffalo i knew was a ghost of it's former self- a shell of what was and no sign anywhere that what would be was going to be better then what is.
one could see things happened here at one point on the cutting edge- that back in the early 1900's this could have been a swinging place in architecture, art , the urban expanse.
alas growing up in the 80's well the vast movement was happening towards the suburbs; north Tonawanda, Williamsville, north north north.
i lived on the west side- in a home that was in American terms old, about one hundred years at that time and now more...
a two storey structure with the details that were once put into homes that no longer are- leaded windows, wood floors with amazing patterns and details , old heating vent grates that are fanciful in their design and one would perchance no pay loads to get a lookalikey in restoration hardware or some other modern knock off company.
the details and the planning and the tiny aspects of eye catching detail.
i now live out west- in a new town home where detailing is well much less apparent.
this place is to be an exploration of our environment with a focus on the remnants of humans - our architectural ghosts and shells of being as the unbecome , as they become reabsorbed by the what is around them. the shells of our being over the ages that we allow to dissipate that we allow to unbecome back to what we view as the more natural.
the ruins of existence.
give me more space i will go on over explaining and finding more fanciful ways to say it to state it-
i want to see America that time forgot- America that no one wants anymore-
of course this is not at all limited to America- but right now i am here -
so this will be at least the beginning of our storey.
and if you - as in anyone who has stumbled across this entry if you have at all an interest or an idea of interest i would love to establish a dialogue i would love to know the others out there who share this fascination in the decline of the built and the conquering and re-assimilation to nature - despite our efforts the way in which they crumble back into the scenery.