Saturday, January 16, 2010

Moclips-Aloha High School, Moclips, WA

through a hole from a missing doorknob
closer still through that hole

just behind the post office in moclips lies the old north beach highschool, nee aloha highschool. i found this place on several online sites (one of these links) where it was documented in severe repair but the sort of repair which is consumed by the natural. ivy devouring buildings and trees springing forth from gutters. when we arrive jan 16th 2010 it had been very much become a construction site, removed was the ever clinging ivy and on every section of the building was scrawled in red "keep out" we stayed to the perimeter looking harmless with cameras, child and dog. two men who were working on the building came by and told us what was happening with the building - a conversion to a mini mall they did mention how the school closing led to segregation of the communities children and that was the politics behind that which led to the closure rather then the neat and tidy story of asbestos (well nether neat nor tidy but perhaps less dark then desires to keep commuties apart?)
we stayed a safe distance from the building which was plentiful on shards of broken glass but the odd chair still sat in a room glimpsed at via a small whole in the board of a window or a gutted door knob, what the odd pleasure to see such a scene or a clock still set to 14 minutes to 6. pm or am? i wouldn't want to visit this site in cold hard day with any intention other then viewing it i dont think any of the locals would stand for and sort of tom foolery and there is one no trespassing sign on the left of the building when looking at it, so dont mess.