Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fort steilacoom state park, lakewood, wa

the surroundings

the patient farm

take a right at the lake head up the hill...

song lyrics on foundation of hill ward

the former "ruins" now a handicapped accessible foundation
so i have always looked for places to visit that have been in some state of delapidatedness.
decay and ruin often my favorite photographic subject coming at it in both a documentary and fine art sense. so this past weekend in the early beginning of 2010 i listedn to a story on NPR about steillacoom state park. it was destroyed in 2008, we moved back here in 2007- so we could have seen it had we known of it , which only makes me feel how important it is to document the remnants of our historical structures, before they become mere platforms of their former selves. we don't like to allow things to age gracefully here in america,things seem to go from cutting edge new to obsolute old without much awareness of maintaining the space in between those two states, maybe a reflection of how we are treated ourselves by the powers that be - or am i just rambling...

npr radio show about steilacoom park
i missed the western state hospital patient museum, i will go back!