Sunday, January 24, 2010

abandoned home near the haverhill sainsburys, suffolk

probably the most sinister and badly taken photograph but sure reminds me of the
amityville house
welcome home
the scariest part of the first night time visit was this car sat in the field a ways away where there was no road- and it really shouldn't have been there ,to be honest we couldn't figure out how it had gotten there at all. it's presence made us feel even more like we shouldn't be there.

so begins the day series

the unit comes with two fireplaces
the front door was open, we did not open it

looking up the stairs to the second floor with growth
and the second fireplace

we drove past this place nearly every day when living on Gainsborough road in haverhill. it had been abandoned for some time we took two visits at least that i can remember. the first was at night and was two freaky as it was unknown. the first images are from our first visit at night , the metal hut pictured both at night as well as during the day was scary as shit at night because even shining a torch into it didn't penetrate the darkness.