Sunday, January 17, 2010

satsop nuclear power plant jan 2010

a trip to the ocean in january. we escaped the driving rain of the road once hitting the highway 101, what a relief as i had hydro planned a couple of times in the heavey rain on I-5 - never so bad had i ever felt in terms of losing control of a car in the rain.
it was as bad as black ice, but worse because it was rain who had never significantly scared me in driving before, a new fear acquired for this trip!
highway 101 approached and the rain stopped the skies started to blue.
and there we visited the Moclips aloha highschool along with many beaches and state parks in the area.
On the journey home we decided to hit elma where the satsop power plant began and ended without completion. This was a project termed WNP 3 and WNP5to Hanfords 1,2,4 this project was put together by WPPSS; Washington Public Power Supply System which eventually came to be known as WHOOPS.
It was a little confusing to find , the gps gave that appearance of flying through nothingness- a sensation i love to view on it as long as i feel confidence of where i am , which i did due to having easily spied the never more nuclear reactors on the hills above highway 12. construction here began in 1977 at the same time as hanford, unlike the prior hanfor was completed and satsop ran out of money and halted in 1983.
it was amazing to see - i have never viewed such a thing in person - and am extremely interested in the structures - would love to see hanford would love to photograph it- terribly scared of whatever nuclear remnants are floating about. kinda of scared of the nuclear waste they say is slipping to the columbia river, tim confused by why they would build nuclear power stations in an earthquake zone?
will look in to this- any one?
the place was quiet and is now the satsop development park (sdp)
the one reactor was nearly complete when the project was canceled- it had its core installed and all.
i wish i could get in from the base of these things and have shot up- tim wanted to climb it- something i would have freaked out about three stair turns up- not an option for this photographer.
not an option.
BUT beginning to think of working towards interacting more closely with people who are responsible for such places- want an in want the image i cant conjure from outside the gates and fences to keep general public out...
i want in.
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