Thursday, January 28, 2010

abney park cemetary, stoke newington, london

so this qualifies for abandoned spaces for the fact the church that inhabits it's center is a hollowed out cave of itself. and i feel my photography of cemetaries has thus far been neglected despite that being where i began this path withen this life. this cemetary had a very active shall we say love life , in the shrubberies and over brush. i visited here many times with my camera not for the human activity but the state of disarray i had never experienced in a neatly trimmed American cemetery, it was so much more as one heard and imagined cemeteries being, for me it was. these photos are from 1995, i will append dates as i find more.
and now for my blog devoted to the documentation of cemeteries...
come one come all...
cemeteries i have known and loved