Monday, February 14, 2011

Fort Lawton, Discovery Park , Seattle

I  Have been learning much about the illustrious past of some of Seattle's first official cemeteries.
The early pioneers moved alot even when dead.
 Heading to discovery Park well I have learned something about Historic preservation after having visited and researched Fort Lawton and it's post life.
seems to be no real laws dictating the maintenance of historically preserved places.
National Trust style charity to maintain - not like in ole Blighty.
here at ex fort Lawton most the buildings are meant to be maintained externally.

 Now I have found out that is not happening.
Fort Lawton was also in 1944 the home of the largest and longest court martial
see article at wiki here: wiki Fort Lawton Riot
more detailed information at :

Seattle redevelopment of Fort Lawton
History Link
More redevelopment news at Magnolia Voice info on Historic District
Then there was the Fort Lawton Takeover led by Jane Fonda?!
Vitage Seattle.ORG
Google timeline

Historic District, Fort Lawton

we did not intentionally end up where we weren't meant to be

Gymnasium Postal Exchange

looking towards the old stables
it's gorgeous, I'll take it- there are pigeons in the upstairs? bonus.

Radar tower

yes, we grew that tree to complement the stairs