Monday, October 22, 2012

Zombie Lawn mower , La Conner, Wa

 this amused me,prior to becoming slightly addicted to "walking Dead."

driving dead is worse, on foot it's a bit like they are (the walking dead) severely disabled in their gate but behind a car wheel or even a lawn mower well that's something else.

Old home Mt Vernon - being refurbished

This is a nie little homestead in process of being refinished.
love it- looking forward to such a homestead of my own someday not too far...

Gas tank still life, Mt Vernon Wa

gas tank still life, surrounded by crazy spider mesh all over the ground creating a carpet of white webbing , hard to walk though like a booby trapped field.

Disused grain silo , Mt Vernon , Wa

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Warehouse, La Conner, Wa

 large old warehouse off kilter on waterfront. appears that it is being worked on- its a biggie. circumnavigated it and photographed on a nice sunny day. we stopped here on the last day of out skagit valley break sept 2012, morning coffee , walk through the town and then back home via the snowgoose produce stand, where i acquired strawberries, beets and carrots all vibrant in colour and delicious.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vespa on the roof , georgetown, seattle, wa

vespa on the roof , ex dealership? perhaps just a suicidal scooter.
who knows.

SODO industry before i was asked to stop taking photographs ...

where re bar goes to die.

Houses circa 2010, Sodo, Seattle, Wa,

 As we traversed south Seattle looking for photo ops we found typical subjects but also industrial areas where we were told off for thinking we could even look at them much less photograph them.
silly me to think i could take a picture across a vacant parking lot.
top secret behavior down here, watch out. however with the homes no one generally minds so here they are nothing top secret to report just some nature attacking a house from the outside. a slow but sure attack.

just on the corner of the abandonedness a garden statuary 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Burnt out RV, Washtucna, wa

 Washtucna you amazed me on one fine afternoon post amazement by the palouse falls and all.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pole in the middle

Heart shaped crack , ellensburg, wa

i always find (perhaps because i am subconsciously looking) the heart shaped things. from rocks to poos to puddles and all other benign life items here is a heart shaped crack in the pavement. gravel and cigarette butts making up the internal mosaic.

urban still life, ellensburg, wa

this was one of those moments where i usually take a goofy photo because Tim has instructed me to photograph something.
sometimes it's hard if the thing doesn't catch your own eye but i quite like this wall.
i prefer the third image despite usually preferences things not quite so central but sometimes it hits a sweet spot.
i am so much easier to please in life and can be easily highly excited by a wall - cant beat that eh?

Down an Ellensburg Alley

in addition to all other aspects of urbanity i love , let's add alleys to the mix-
growing up in buffalo there were not many alleys.
Living in London there were small slender alleys one could imagine jack the ripper manipulating the system to claim victims.
here in seattle my front door opens unto an alley, one too narrow and busy with car traffic for anyone to truly appreciate it - as part of my own appreciation of alleys relies on the alley being a lesser used space - a back entry , so my alley is actually more a shitty street due to it's use.
this alley is wide and capable of a big truck going down it - a little too spacious to be a secret back road- but still an enjoyable backstage to the front stage of the street.

Beautiful Kirkebride in Mn available for redeveoplement

Kirkebride of Minnesota is available for redevelopment! 35 acres- 500,000 floor space...
if i wont the powerball i would be all over this place- redeveloping into an arts center, it'd be the talk of Minnesota.
come on anyone out there want to take this beauty on?
 Kirkbrides and endangered species these days and for what to be replaced with cheap as chips structures generally without the soul.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The National Bank of Ellensburg, Wa

Walking past this one you could see the style seeping out of it!
was able to catch a few details in the fading light of a warm summers night.
so much detail - from back when banks were more a local vs international affair. Old National Bank of Ellensburg now known as the 420 building.
Designed by Carl Gould and lovingly restored by Mollie Edson. see article in daily record news   our final night of out scablands / Palouse adventure- what a lot of sites we have beheld and a heap of images to boot.

Ramsay Sheet Metal Sign, Ellensburg, Wa

A sign in a wall, just a few buildings down from the ghost jcpenney sign.