Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sunday Seattle explorations

 saturday was trapeze class for my other two family members. i stood amazed at what could be done on a trapeze in two hrs class time.
truely amazing, compared to what i have done in classes that took far longer and still only gleaned the surface, dancing around the subject rather then grabbing it by the horns.
Having been the one excited to photograph the event i did this.
Sunday i was granted some me time in a little Seattle exploration with my family of course.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Northern State 2013 visitation

Graffiti seems to get continuously cleaned , doors seem to disappear - further opening insides to outsides and outsides to insides.
Our visit was stilted by the numerous kids shooting plastic pellets as they ran throughout the old dairy facility.
 a couple Frisbee golfers  seemed to be walking around with big knives verging on swords? wasn't sure if they were live action gamers or maybe just slightly antisocial?
they did say hi so I guees that made us feel better. it was a bit busy to be encompassed in the vibe - as senses had to be aware of potential pellets being shot.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Roadside Shed , Scablands

across from the fantastic motel was a shed.
One can never resist the shed across the way.

Northern State Hospital Farm

 Some Northern State Hospital Re visitation planned possibly for this weekend. I in the meantime revisit the pasts folders of images here and now.
 Some of my favorites of today are here  and I wonder what will be there when we visit?
how much crumble and dilapidation?
how much absence of what was there but a short time ago, things age faster when no one cares, once the cracks get big enough anything can get through.