Wednesday, January 27, 2010

buffalo psychiatric hospital circa 1993

so after posting one pitiful image of the psychiatric centre i had the inkling there were more images of this place somewhere in the binders of negatives from way back when , when having it scanned to disk wasn't an option that came with having negs developed and printed (and we used to eat the bark of trees, and we liked it...) so here they are a lucky number 13 images , some dark but rather then digitally hex them i left them, for ominous qualities.

Growing up in buffalo, well one gets an innate sense of the history via the architecture that is laid to ruin here. The psychiatric hospital , which was on forest ave a few blocks from my house was a beauty of Victorian asylums. The last we met I was in highschool , fallen in love with photography and well she/he was a half derelict half in use facility with the history of any olden days mental hospital, a dark one.
This photo was taken in 1993, I was a junior in high school and this was the last time we met photographically. as i have mentioned previous I need to get back there- there are so many phantom images in my head from the early years, things that i saw over and over again and feels like i photographed them but instead they are memeories with permanence only behind my own closed eyelids.
we will meet again and hopefully i can see more and show more of you then....
restoring this old beauty
the buffalonian
images on opacity