Friday, May 13, 2011

Squares of northern state

I entered a competition that required square images. having a new batch of northern state to play with i had fun knocking them into shape, improving some, not others, not everything needs editing. not all were entered, only eight. Editing is like a small god complex- not seeing beauty in origination and insisting on removing something- in search of a perfection that is what looking for what the average joe find appealing? i could edit the life out of something if given a chance maybe that's why i chose mostly in my own process not to edit- aside from when forced through application guidelines. admit the thoughts you'd rather wished slipped through the grates of your mind admit that everything perfectly organized can often lose a harmony  or even what it meant it the first place.
i dont know- confuse them all with speech i say and then confuse them with images slightly askew take yourself out of whats comfortable and attempt to read the confounded...confounding, confoundled.