Wednesday, July 25, 2012

crushed glasses in parking by estuary, Snohomish

 across the road from the stilt homes  is an estuary. it seems as if theres a path but all the paths that seem to be there become very hairy with long grasses so not so great to trot through.
these were but feet from my hind wheel thoroughly crushed into the gravel to the point of blending in.
for some reason on the rock and concrete without any real contrast i suddenly loved these abandoned glasses.
and i do love contrast so this must be one of those mature taste sort of things ;like red wine-and dark chocolate- which i have never matured into but this lack of contrast peaks my eyebuds (like tastebuds but on eyes react to visual excitement (ie  when i got so excited by the blue and orange at that ex warehouse my eye buds were so stimulated i fell over.)
someone is obviously out of luck with these glasses- hopefully the fork was not involved, if it were maybe glasses no longer needed.