Thursday, May 9, 2013

big new shiney website come visit me

so talking about abandoned...
I got really into FLASH a few years back- never so much to the dreamweaver and standard web design, tried it but I really enjoyed making a movie in FLASH as opposed to a website in dreamweaver.
 I enjoyed it so much so that I made several:
the later was my portfolio site that I referred people to, until too many people wrote to me saying "You must be in the process of building this site as nothing is there."
Enter the tablet users.
Now that we find ourselves with tablets galore and a very many of them not catering to FLASH based websites I am slightly outdated or will be soon if I didn't make some changes .
I am maintaining (for now) the previous lives but would like to post this relocation notice!
Please come visit me at :
I will be there blogging on the array of interests spread across previous blogs and that will definitely be my hub for the near future. I will keep my space here and keep going with it all ...
I like that I have websites of historical reference at this point, I will let them stand like ghost towns, shadows, still connected but a former self I am not afraid to admit to, little web babies. 
I will be here and feel free to get in touch from any space I may be inhabiting online.
I do hope to see you over there as well as here.