Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yard Birds, Centralia, wa circa 2008

 pulling through the digital archives- obsessing about images i think i have but havent found.
a place i though i visited i remember photographing but where did they go?
found these from our 2008 over night to centralia-
sometimes we stay in paces others wouldnt...
centralia not a hotspot but has some history as far as this coast goes.
excellent antiquing potential for those preferential to such behavior.
on this visit in such a store talula found some toy she wanted ( something being perpetrated as vintage but was a packaged plastic car from the animated film "cars" she found it we said no and she took off got out the door with it and all tim fast on her heals.
she would have been what three at the time?
i think that was the end of our window shopping.