Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fortson Mill, Arlington, wa

ok not much for this evening - got waffles for dinner to make-
yes waffles.
i will most likely get to these starting tomorrow but i had this one of a hole that i really wanted to play with before waffle time- i am out of vegetables.

we went to Fortson Mill today- pretty nice- muddy in places- deep sucking mud in some. i took this photo right before leaving , my folks came along had a walk saw a fish hatchery of some sort (i will look into that.) and a heron, dragonflies,a turtle, red winged blackbirds, swallows, a dead snake and some other creatures i have momentarily forgotten. but this hole is a bit like a visual poem, a simple one. maybe less a poem and more a poetic sentence, for me it is anyhow i couldn't imagine most would fall in love with such a scene. three plays on essentially the same shot.
oh i am looking forward to the rest...
waffles first.