Thursday, May 31, 2012

please be kind to the no harm

I wanted to say that when visiting nature or remains of human history we always keep ourselves safe- and dont push it- as well as maintaining a respect for location.
i wish nothing else in life then to feel life from as many perspectives as possible - never at the consequence of damaging anything-
including our own selves.
but i do hope if you read this if you enjoy these images then you will act softly and leave only footprints - as i would hate to think i could be doing damage merely in publishing such locations here.
with the same respect taken in visiting historical 13th century britain do i take with me in the left behind of the early 1900s america- its not  quite the same but its what we got and life here seems to plan the next building on a location before the first has even been moved into.
 please please respect and do no harm.