Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dick and Janes Spot, Ellensburg, wa

 Dick and Janes Spot!!
Fantastic place!
on my top five of favorite art since landing back in amrica five years ago...
i took alot more photos which I will have posted here at
thendara's installation and intervention. we stumbled on this on our evening- night walk around downtown Ellensburg  on friday night.
having arrive from Pullman via the Palouse falls  State Park and a visit through washtucna, washington.
It was late and the light had faded too much for anything but flash photos and that just would not have done for this place.
right across the street from the fire department and the police station (which are tidily connected.) Jane and Dick have re enlivened a fading property into something that is much more then a house. I would be a proud home owner and artist were this my own life's work.
Thank you for brightening up the some what more conservative eastern washington!
we heart the scablands and dick and janes spot.