Friday, August 31, 2012

Fantastic Abandoned gas station Near steamboat rock, Wa

We had to go back - having spent the first days energy and sunlight at soap lake, lake lenore and dry falls, by the time we saw this little gem we'd past our limit.
luckily my family is generous and we went back the following day on the way to Spokane via Steptoe Butte.
I scampered about the place got some mosquito bites to add to the previous nights which were up at 20 something?! it's been a long time since i'd been eaten so badly.
swallows ducked and dived and nested in the eaves and inside a couple of the open buildings.
a pink oven that was rocking my world aside from it's electric burners. i think i got the location pretty spot on as this is where we trundled onto 2 to spokane.

what used to be the shop, chairs escaping out windows