Sunday, November 11, 2012

Parkade, Spokane, Wa

 the parkade- how i love you-
so 60's and the above street walking paths that lead to you and the retail shops do make for a vision of the future in a 60's pair of glasses. praise be 60's architecture?
yes this is a gem.
Although apparently this is a place that people love to hate- of the googie architecture style;  as was seattle's dennys restaurant on market street that has made way for condo highrise. after many months of being a gravel pit.
i say love it before it becomes another box on a street of boxes, identifiable by only width and height of said boxyness.
Spokane reminds me a bit of a happier downtown Buffalo, a downtown Buffalo I never knew as it was past its prime by my time the suburbs taken most everything away from the old beauty and heft of some real historical gems. it's sad what we chose to become the norm and what gets a back turned on it.
from humans, to creatures to a slate that we'd sooner brush clean then try to amend and make good on some sort of sustainability some sort of appreciation of the great aspects of architecture vs living in boxes and strip malls never to see a wood floor intricately carved  and laid of one off patterning.
where we have such happy sound places to put our car as the Parkade...