Saturday, February 6, 2010

the abby gardens, bury st edmunds, uk

we lived about a block from this 13th century ruins.
on chruchgate street to be precise which
i may have already mentioned we were intrigued by the lore of this"spiritually charged" location. Frisbee was played nightly in the abby gardens amongst , around, surrounding and sometimes through the ruins themselves, with the utmost respect of course. there was an aviary that held a bird we refereed to as "corn neck" whose neck looked like a tiny ear of corn with scabs from something, it was a car crash scenario you didn't want to see old corn neck but then again you wondered why his neck was so corny.
feathers plucked from mental fissures of the mind from being caged.
there is no photograph of corn neck, as even if you did want to catch a glance a glance doesn't lend itself willing to a photo.