Monday, February 15, 2010

fort flagler, marrowstone island, wa



the rain held out for us to spend many hours wandering the state park of fort flagler. we visited many but not all of the batteries and some of the most stupendous views of the surroundings . probably one of only places to see amazing views of both mt rainer and mt baker in one spanning head turn . 
marrowstone island, not an island i have heard mention in the slew of local islands . when first entering there is still some sort of military top secretness occurring, with deers playful on the in and outside of tall fences topped with barbed wire. men with the longest automatic weaponry i've seen up close in person , my father and i went t the ate to ask about fort flagler as the sign-age ended when crossing the bridge to the island and the gps told us we were in fact "at our desitination" it's second miscalculation on this trip. it was "another ten miles on" said the man poised to load us up with fast moving bullets should the case be- 
i had taken my sunglasses off to not look suspicious but there is an automatic suspiciousness which i felt just for the fact he had a really big gun. i can see how the presence is such weapons alone makes people jittery and nerved. keep following the road about ten miles  and "have a good day " 
said he still ready if needed to shoot the hell out of us.
we followed and followed the road and entered directly from the road we ridden the entire way. 
driving straight in and parking amongst the old army housing some of which was empty others which showed signs of habitation if not at this very moment then not one too far past.
it was this photographers dream.
the batteries and tunnels and darkness within this hollowed out shells of what they used to be the life that heaved within in them at some point in the name of protecting the country. 
a playground for young and not so much young .
the forts back east were never like this and one can easily imagine if left to sink into the earth and forgottenesss that some day they could easily resemble an alien landing pad or something in the same questionable realm as some of the aztec structures we pontificate over.
found a toilet still in it's latrine by searchlights (12 and 13  i think.) 
 we saw lots of bald eagles, four wales and lots of deer in addition to some gems of history.
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