Monday, February 1, 2010

northern state in black and white film

ferns were growing out of the walls in this room which adjoins the cattle pen space

some roofs had been reinforced with metal some in a state of collapse, some even reinforced metal roofs were collapsing , it doesn't take long for things to crumble with neglect.

cattle pens-milking stations?

the windows pose as frames of the decay intermingling with life, sometimes erupting with life

the above is one of my favorites, for vibe more then anything and of course this is the one that was scratched at the lab post printing...sods law.

the cow house, apparently they had the largest dairy farm in skaget county

a glorious day of texture and once i hacked through my three rolls of 24 colour for the digi. the cow house made me feel a little queazy the first time i walked in , in the pit of my stomach, maybe that's just more years then not as a vegetarian? a cow kinship?
so i learned yet again you get what you pay for with processing, fred meyer scratched the hell out of my negs , the second lot i took in.
thing lines continuously running through them. how many times must i make this mistake?
a few apparently.