Thursday, February 25, 2010

the hellfire caves, buckinghamshire, england

in the centre of the caves were these statues behind bars with of an era green and red lighting?
these statues were surrounding the banqueting hall. 

so not a great many photos of the interiors will have to search my digis. the above is another scary recreation of what looks like ben franklin (as he apparently used to visit the caves) i think the man in the turban is mean to be Sir Dashwood, i used to hate recreations but having seen some interesting ones (kelveden secret nuclear bunker, Bury St Edmunds museum, this) i have grown to appreciate them as modern reflections and imaginations of what we dream as having been. typically if you take that dream then put a filter on it that applies all your imagined characters out of bits and pieces of reclaimed and not necessarily complete shop mannequins then you would understand this vision in a vision.
or at least accept it as the need to fill empty space- 
as it seems some find empty space hard to digest, a blank canvas can be daunting.
the view above would have been tim's view whilst i stayed one tier below where there was netting and my two year old daughter unawares of my inclination towards vertigo when seeing other people irresponsible (in my eyes)   with being at a height with precarious surroundings. 
i missed out on the view and also momentary lapses of heart beat.
i am not afraid to admit i am hesitant with edges at great height.

the view from the church above hellfire caves overlooking  the dashwood estate , which was not open by the time we finished our trek from london to buckinghamshire with our friend martin and us n all.
 i was a beautiful sunny day with lesser allergies then could have been in the buoyant spring. the caves we sought after in our chasing of haunted places. at daylight hours i didn't find them all too spooky, but i was with friends.