Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ellensberg, wa

we stayed a night at the holiday inn express which to my joy was directly next to a taco del mar and a starbucks. along with every other fast food chain, including something i had never seen before; a drive through subway and apparently they so claimed to be the "busiest in the state".
we came to see the petrified ginkgo forests and explore as much of the area as you can during a 24 hour period. these were taken after we had checked out of hotel, explored downtown Ellensberg and then traveled along the columbia river to walk some trails look for rocks and see mountain goats (they were a happy bonus.) this derelict set of buildings was ten or so minutes from the fast food junction that welcomes you to Ellensberg . it had many no trespassing signs and well i would reckon there were a fair few over in that neck of the woods waiting with shotgun to shoot any one who taunted such a sign. so i stayed the hell back.
it was a sunny hot day and the skies were big and blue. my favorite moment was the drive down the hill into Ellensberg and just having the scenery be totally different, from he lush green of the west to the spattered trees in between cle elum rosyln area to the desert of the east it was an amazing transition complemented with blue BIG SKY.