Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Drive through of The town of Reardon , Wa

 Welcome to Rearden home of the Rearden Indians so the sign says.
 The town of Rearden , Wa on our way to Spokane, via Steptoe Butte.
Not an abandoned town- but one of many that seems maybe their hayday was say 100 years ago?
The Palouse is one of the worlds largest wheat producers , the worlds!
great money is being made from this area- but you wouldn't  know it from traveling through it. Since 1930 it has been known that the soil from this region is escaping into streams and lakes and beyond - unfortunately taking with it pesticides and fertilizers some of the most contaminated water ways- they say. it's deeply saddening to drive through this land knowing these facts.
I am sure I could have given a whole day to photographing Rearden- but then i felt that way about alot of the places we passed through this is like a trip of the floods itself in expediency and coverage. so rearden i would love to photograph you more if given the chance.we were only a little way off and switched drivers at this point.
Tim has his learners permit (thank you Tim) so i have a driving partner now which is amazing for conservation of energy.
I couldn't have done it alone with out some severe grumpiness.