Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Chapel , Northern State Hospital

The Chapel - was the only building to have open doors to us.
This site (the whole campus) is on the register for historic places- not that it means anything will happen. The Olmsteads designed the landscaping here- they sure do seem to get around - they were all over Buffalo. Last year it almost got sold as surplus property so it lives an existence on the edge. i guess that's existence for you even if it doesn't seem on the edge , well it could be.
I just miss playing frisbee in a 13th century abbey grounds- a little history would be nice.
just a touch?
how boring will it be in 100 years when the architecture left is abundantly similar to any strip mall in any town america. surrounded by citys with corporate sponsorship - like the city in Florida that Disney built Celebration, Florida.
it will be Starbucks Grande , Starbucks Venti  the later being south of the former. the only colors of building will be the Starbucks green and instead of water Starbucks drip will be pumped through your faucet continuously. Then their will be McDonalds land where every one travels round on a conveyer belt as they honestly just can't be arsed any more, lining the sides of the conveyers will be defecation troughs for those who again just can't be arsed. And after those familiar sounding urban metropolises?
well the rest is just Monsanto land - where everyone is a little bit different.
some have 12 teats and feed babies that could be human and others have fur lined mouths and their organs on the outside - hence they walk round in plastic bags.what does this have to do with northern state hospital? well i guess i cant imagine my plastic present urban culture to live or look good for the next 100 years.
its a shame buildings are more like boxes then ever. and that it became so -  we don't see how cheap and throw away it is til looking at a sculptural majesty such as this site- maybe that's why it happens so we can get further boxed in and never remembering when life was anything but inside a box.