Sunday, September 2, 2012

Grand Coulee Damn 2012

with out a morning coffee

 Day Two- early am- maybe 8 am , ok not so early.
leave the fam in the room and go out into the sprinklers to take some photos of the biggest  piece of of concrete  constructed in america, the majesty that is grand coulee damn.
it's big - very hard to see here but it is. it's also not loud or noisy like i expected it to be - rushing water sounds - ultimately quiet in night time and full of mosquitoes.
we didn't get to tour the damn this time.  things were not normal due to fires nearby - the area was pretty quiet of any sort of people- the hotel was busy with firefighters in the night, but that was the thrust of the business laser light show tame in numbers - maybe twenty people?
checked out visitor center , saw the wheel chair Roosevelt used when visiting. interesting to see - and surrounded by so much else worth seeing if you like odd rocks and land formations, and historic countryside, i have become a bit of a dweeb for everything!
overjoyed with a pigeon i am easily pleased.