Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Davenport Hotel, Spokane, Wa

I had never thought much  about what else was over in eastern Washington, it doesn't seem many westerners do - honestly I have spoken to so many folk who are from here and know neither of the Channeled Scablands nor the Palouse!
and its all in our state - washington state is absolutely fantastic in its varying environs. from rain forest to desert, and then a whole lot more. I could spend my whole life exploring this state- but when people think Washington they think Seattle.
think outside the box folks - there are alien environs to be explored and all justa hop over them there mountains. Spokane apparently comparable to Tacoma in  population about 200,000 - biggest city in the east of the state, and home to the stately Davenport.
wiki link to The  Davenport's history .
The Davenport is obviously not abandoned - but it was.
and now it has risen again in a new life somewhat striding in the footsteps of the old in service if not entirely  its existence which seems to be the new conveniences behind a facade of old world charm.

we stayed in the tower as unfortunately no rooms were available and can i just say it cost us more to stay at the horrid Coulee suites and the holiday inns then it did the davenport!
it's meant to be haunted- i think there is some mention of  a lady in white - but ladies in white can seem a dime a dozen when looking for haunted places.