Monday, September 17, 2012

Northern State Hospital Grounds on Photographic Tour

chapel window

the tour happened and it was a sunny day. busy but excellent glimpse of a place i have been wanting to see for three years.
the closed campus does not allow for this- so this was a once in at least a year chance.
do not try to sneak in here or just turn up - it won't work. you must wait for another opportunity, i will happily post what i hear on this blog.
12 o'clock for the photographic tour with more time allotted for  obsessive capturing of something so rarely seen to the outside. Tour began outside the Chapel.
I passed out some postcards and sold a few books of images of the place- thank you all for your support!
very nice to meet you those who stopped by to pick up a postcard, and have a chat!
 i was frenetic with the days events and find my photographic stride hard to find.giddy.
We met Noel of the Skagit River Journal (which has fantastic information on the locality!) who hired Talula for her first photographic gig!
Nice job - i certainly wasn't hired for anything at age 7.

This is where the tour began across from the Chapel (denny hall i believe) , on the covered walkway. we were quite a heard of photographers and needed managing by several handlers.
We couldn't move past certain points or photograph in certain other directions due to other happenings on this closed campus. so photographers hoarded round the best holes looking inwards each waiting to peep inside with their lenses.
i found the map at the bottom on another website
i liked this guy in the photo- sorry buddy you had to stay.

curtains for you.