Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trevennen Hall, Northern State Hospital, Sedro Woolley

This was essentially the last stop  on our tour Trevennen Hall. We were meant to be going in but the black mold inside apparently too overcoming to expose anyone to.
Always one step closer with several steps further to go I guess getting inside this day may have been like eating all  the candy in the candy shop vomiting and then re eating it this way i want more.
obsessed , infatuated and enamored.
I may have said this before but i grew up in Buffalo where  i lived a few blocks from the Beautiful Kirkebride buildings (see also fantastic images and information on kirkbrides here )of the Buffalo Psychiatric Hospital - the Richardson Complex.
There were stories of visits to an aunt who was in there (i think she was epileptic) and there was just the majesty of the buildings and complex itself- that drove me to photograph the outside as a teenager.
 I haven't seen it or photographed it since I was 16.
It seems the intentions were good when these developments were being made. Check out "Asylum" by Chris Payne.
I heard someone say - not sure what backing they had in saying it but they did say "1/3 of the women in northern state were menopausal"  so menopause alone brought them here- 
i am sure my pms  would have had me here if i had been around a century ago.